EDDHA Fe 6% IRON CHELATED Fe + 3 Na + CHELATED IRON 6% +/- 0.3% 6.6w/w% An organic micronutrient (Chelated Fe) fertilizer readily available source of Iron for the correction and maintenance of Iron deficiencies. Plants need Iron to produce chlorophyll and to activate several enzymes, especially those involved in the oxidation or reduction processes of photosynthesis and respiration A fast action against chlorosis, consistence performance, high levels of efficacy and effective across a broad range of soil conditions Iron deficiency is a worldwide problem in crop production on calcareous soils and is the major factor responsible for so-called lime induced chlorosis. Not to be applied during periods of water stress unless when under irrigation and only to be applied during nutrition stress periods RECOMMENDED FOR ALL WEATHERS APPLICATION AVAILABLE PACKAGES 10KG