About Us

AGRICHEM AFRICA LIMITED is a Kenyan based agrochemical company providing safe, affordable and modern state-of-the art crop protection products and agro-inputs services to farmers. AGRICHEM AFRICA LIMITED devotes itself into providing new, creative and eco-friendly solutions when it comes to crop care and farming development. Our wide range of products for crop production and protection are authenticated with the by-laws in crop produce by the Government of Kenyan under the Pest Control Products Act.

With its advanced and vastly accessible location at Winsford Industrial Park off Baba Doog Road, Nairobi, Kenya, AGRICHEM AFRICA LIMITED has been able to attract and open up a great channel of innovative business operations to both our suppliers and clients at large. Being a licensed Agent and Distributor of agrochemicals under PCPB (Pest Control Products Board), a member of AAK (Agrochemical Association of Kenya) and UBA (United Business Association) Kenya, we as an agrochemical company are able to ensure top of the chain standards and total crop care products supply.

Since its establishment, AGRICHEM AFRICA LIMITED as an agrochemical company based in Kenya with associate regional corporate industries, we are able to satisfy a regional based market demand of our products and services. We are convinced that providing access to improved farming systems is one of the backbones of any developing economy of a given country both social-economically, health wise as well as environmentally and the entire African region as a whole.

We deal with distribution and supply of agrochemicals and fertilizers to Floriculture and Horticulture sector in the African market as a whole. The company was founded under the concept of innovation considering the developing market of Agriculture in Kenya and African regions. Our aims are to provide the best agrochemicals which are environmental friendly and cost effective. With our skilled man power, dedicated and committed staff members; the company has introduced many revolutionary agrochemical products in African markets. Our research and production team is constantly in contact with our suppliers and manufacturer of agrochemicals worldwide.

As a company, AGRICHEM AFRICA LIMITED has a wide experience of more than a decade in agrochemicals trade, thus having immense knowledge of the African market better and therefore we are always in the process to give something better to farmers. Apart from selling agrochemicals the company also provides technical support and guidance to the farmers and growers to help them get the right products and methods to increase their productivity. We are not just stopping its responsibility after selling the products, but also have professional staff members who constantly keep visiting the farmers so as to understand their challenges and suggest to them the right solutions. The story of success of the company can be viewed from its huge number of satisfied customers in both Floriculture and Horticultural sectors. With our wide and well equipped logistic infrastructure, we are delivering products to the door of our distributors and commercial customers countrywide.

As we believe success is not an accident but it's a process, and it requires efforts and loyalty. Being a business organization we are as other companies and more so remarkably different from the rest as we keep contact with our customers to ensure that their needs and demands are addressed to make way to real opportunities by effective response to customer satisfaction.

The company's operations ethics in crop production and development in the Agriculture sector is believed to lead towards our society and nations development. Being a responsible organization we believe in partnership and growth together.